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    Huge crown in the tile in the air to open, like a huge platform, one eye to look, to see unexpectedly is clearly visible green light fog in the transpiration, it is the essence of the life energy, vitality of this to how large can bring so much life energy

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    East the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, way: hanyue, is the so-called interest is in chaos, it seems that you are really is the Zhou Weiqing temptation if he was our Xuan temple worship, mother, of course, not against, however, he is now unknown, how can we don't find out You but Tien Temple Temple Lord, how so hair impulsive impatient you calmly think about it, from the overall situation, don't we need investigation Moreover, our house arrest Shangguan binger, currently only we present here a few people know, Zhou Weiqing and may not be clear, waiting for him to come back, as long as we put things into clear if he really no idea of the Tien palace adverse, all natural is not a problem

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    Just then, a voice sounded. Don't bow down to the sky, six color ray of light is big prosperous, six absolutely Dijun dragon Shiya has came to the days around support her body without technical support, days for the repair is not enough to fly

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    A road tiger magic lines and Dragonscale lines began to gradually from beneath his skin surface, and in the horror of life energy, all of which actually began the integration of

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    Zhou Weiqing watching led eyes struggling mood swings a little are not in a hurry, a generation of the holy land, this easy to the name of the Lord, for is who in the mind will not be too painful

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    Originally the sunny sky is almost the moment into a dark, but the night was very very clear, countless stars shining in the sky, when the Zhou Weiqing, the red aureate Nebula Shengli into stars, all the stars seem to in this a moment lit up, immediately, strong fluctuation of Shengli suddenly from the Zhou Weiqing burst out the next moment his body disappeared

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    Now on the mainland, we already have the Denton Empire, 100 of the Empire, originally gryfino Empire and I Blancpain Empire land to one third of the total area of mainland China is the holy land of the large-scale, without the support of you, the holy land, the entire city, will be included in the our rule for me, this is the most important

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    The Zhou Weiqing and ghost master body is almost the wrong body, ghost master speed can only describe maneuvering, however, the Zhou Weiqing showed unparalleled fighting talent, from the initial deception, to this relief force, he is completely predict in advance, in order to just the right time to resolve the hell of the attack, at the same time, he in the release of the two skills together when fusion, body already half turn, the hell of the master-slave him across, the Zhou Weiqing Gemini Hercules hammer is simply as meteor hammer to use, mercilessly pumping in the hell and back.

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    Look at the teeth and adhere to the leaf and the right unwilling sword clean, sword then openings way: to accept the right hand, do not try again in the. She has nine days Xuan Qin in the hand, also has the sky god needle to help, you are not a little chance of. This time since it is her to come forward, then the matter for the time being, even if it, and so on the next time in the case of land clouds, and then destroy him too late. Since ancient times, as long as the heart is firm, Evil can never prevail over good., in addition to the magic of the heart forever, but time is early and late.

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